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  1. Poison Maker

    Orlydia Blossoms: A jealous heart

    Horror Mystery Thriller 
    "There is a belief that the nocturnal butterflies are dark elves who observe and study us in secret during the late hours." 5 September 1925 - the village of Marble (Western Orlydia): "Apostate!" the voices shouted in my head as I reached for the shelf...
  2. MrDunnePoetry


    "Necromancy" Divination by means and divination of corpses/ Rifling graves for grisly charms, with Magicians and Witches Necromancy is a universal practice, intiated only by the brave/ It is thought the Astral corpse, has an intense desire to live again And could, by absorbing life energy, from...
  3. The Donut Shop

    The Curtains

    In the dark, still, sanguine halls, there is a certain rustling. A low, slow, slither like the certain assured sliver of a curtain torn thither and dragged against the sallow walls. Like snakes in fall leaves they rattle, they battle, they clatter without the brush of time, nor wallow in that...
  4. D

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    It was a warm summer night in LA, August ’69, A single night of infamy and psychic darkness for mankind. Sharon Tate was close to fulfilling her empty outcries, when the night burned its cloak in the sunrise. Earlier before dawn, a quiet eerie breeze came alive and kept blowin’ down the canyon...
  5. M

    Silhouette (Short Story)

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a while. This is a surrealist short story I wrote recently. Thank you for reading! Silhouette Along the coastline I could make out the features of a giant sleeping. His eyes the black, dirt covered boulders that stuck out of the white rock face below. His...
  6. M

    Burning Dreams (Short Story)

    Hey guys, this is a little surrealist short story I wrote. Its abstract and can have a different meaning for everyone. Thank you for reading! Burning Dreams Waking up in the morning with my breathing calm as settled seas, the plants surrounding our bed just happy to be alive and thriving...
  7. M

    Monsters in Broad Daylight (Short Story)

    Hey guys, here is a surrealist short story that I wrote recently. Thank you for reading :-) Monsters in Broad Daylight Isn’t it odd the tactics parents use to win an argument. For instance, walking out the door knowing that an eight year old boy was too vulnerable to the dark corners of a...
  8. M

    The Song of Silence (Short Story)

    Hey guys, here is a short story that I wrote. It is surreal and steps loosely into fantasy. Thanks. The Song of Silence The desert road was a rod across the sand. Sparse emptiness either side. Just what Henry wanted. He also wanted the bump on Mary’s stomach to stop leaving an empty gap...
  9. M

    Children of Soil and Cement (Short Story)

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here for a while and I've missed this forum so I just wanted to share another one of my surreal short stories with you. I intended this one to be a kind of nod to Kafka. Thank you for reading :-) Children of Soil and Cement The reason I took on Ms. Beattie as a...
  10. M

    The Horror of War (Flash Fiction)

    Here is a little flash fiction piece I wrote. Thank you for clicking and reading! :-) It’s not that I am in a straight jacket in this place of eternal institution of the physical and the mental that bothers me. It’s the fact that the Lab Coats look at me sideways, like all the war boys sent...
  11. lordusan


    In the study I sat, poring over books at home My thoughts overflowed with foam, whence I saw a cruel clone Oh! Grief of memory creates fastly a man appalled And before where I stood, was my will and way enthralled A nameless apparition, a ghost before me shone I begged her name and so I called I...
  12. M

    Animal Brain

    Hi guys, I haven't posted here in a while, in fact I haven't written much in a while and just wrote this little piece the other day. Let me know what kind of writing category this fits into, because unfortunately it probably won't! Sparks fly, metal and iron collide. Grinding and carving a...
  13. M

    Under Construction (Short Story)

    Hey guys! Thank you for clicking and reading my latest short story. Who knows how those business men did it. They floated in to my mansion every morning (well, it wasn’t actually my mansion, but I’ll get there in a minute) as if they didn’t have to move their legs, as if they were carried...
  14. M

    Pink Sky in the Morning, Des's Warning (Short Story)

    Hi everyone! This story is open to interpretation. You could say this is about a man's guilt eroding his subconscious. Thank you for reading :-) The pink sky outside was like that of a movie set: artificial and only there to set a mood. But it was barely enhancing the dimly lit bar where five...
  15. M

    The Art of Darkness (Adult Content)

    This is a short story I wrote. Thank you for reading! “Alright, fuck the international sales, forget that. We sold strong in this region, who cares if some blogger from London didn’t think it was his ‘cup of tea’.” said Burke, who was addressing the band in his garage. Hank, who was sitting...
  16. M

    A Dark Melody

    I make Music to the rain I can’t promise, it’ll ease the pain It sounds nothing like Jane’s. But Jane’s Vinyl records are now full of scratches no longer playing a sweet melody. You once had bodyguards a night stalker now hold the cards. Your songs are now painful love songs that...
  17. M

    Birth (Short Story)

    Hello :-) As with all my work. This story is open to interpretation. He wouldn’t take any other students on his swimming class. He would only teach his class of five. His class of five were all from the same mother and father, all aged six and all dressed in the same black swimsuits that...
  18. M


    This is a prose poem I wrote. I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I appreciate anyone that reads it. Thank you! I play jazz at night And I care for Samantha in the day. She likes that window Gazing from her wheelchair at the desert highway At The cars and the building traffic...
  19. M

    The Crime of a Dying Man

    This is a little prose poem I wrote, thank you for reading :-) When the lake swirls with a thousand ghosts it appears as mundane as a dry mist to Marty the dying man in his fedora hat. When the headlights climb the drive the window in the lounge is suddenly an endless fence in his son’s...
  20. M

    This Darling World (Flash Fiction)

    This is a piece of flash fiction that is open to interpretation. Fleeting tides and folding skies, there’s a rough diamond in their eyes. This darling world needs a twin sister. They send an Inspector across their map, and he pushes his way out of an addicts scab. He leaves the druggie...