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  1. LadyF

    Dancing Kizomba

    People dance Kizomba by hugging and making waves with their bodies against each other with cat-like grace. They look so beautifully as if they are slowly swimming in space. Some men tie the eyes of their partners. It means they require their full trust. Kizomba is an excellent and legitimate...
  2. M

    The Demon Dance

    This is a prose poem I wrote. I wasn't sure which section to stick it in - General Fiction or Poetry. But it's more prose than poetry I guess. Enjoy! Or at least try to! The Demon Dance is the idea of a better life proposed to an unhappy spouse, ‘Kill him and live without constraints’...
  3. B

    The Water Dancer

    She leaps and skips in her delight a child still ecstatic at the prospect of her being. Daughter of the placid pool whence her existence springs her wild, wild hair sprays giddily as she dances the water dance. Energized ripples of fluid life her gurgling laugh bubbles up towards the sky...
  4. R

    Up in Flames

    ( I apologize if this turns out a wall of text, I re-entered tabs twice but they weren't showing up in the preview for some reason. Sorry!) I walk home from work everyday, but this time there was a strange ringing in my ears, and my steps were forced heavier through the muddy...