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  1. Firemajic

    Don't Dish it Out, If You Can't Take It

    What is the value of a critique? None, if it is ignored, ridiculed, made fun of, and belittled and opens the door for the opportunity for a personal attack on members and mentors.... I cant tell you how many back slapping, atta boy, good job! blah blah comments I have made on thousands of...
  2. Jamaal

    Desolate, Chapter 1 (2083 Series)

    Hey! I know... I just joined today. And if its too early to be throwing something up here, my apologies. I had a dream a month ago, and I am writing the dream in a series of shorts I have named 2083. I have completed the first chapter, however feel it needs some trimming. So, please trim, and...
  3. M

    Nanolution - (Violence, language, adult themes)

    Hi All, You may have read my "Introduce Yourself" post, but if not, I want to explain my story a bit. I have never written anything before, and this started off as I was bored and felt like writing something for the sake of it. After a while, it got some legs, and now its about 25-30k words...
  4. Taknovrthewrld


    Hello, WF members. You can call me Calvin. I am 21 years old, currently studying business, and have wanted to be a writer since I was around ten years old. When I was that young I used to write stories on the computer about Mario and Luigi and have my mother edit them. I like to make rhyming...
  5. N

    micro fiction critique??

    This is meant to be cheesy but realistic ;) Any critique would be appreciated... also, would it be awkward to understand the characters if it was spoken in a presentation> Thanks! "Hey! You ate the last Cheez it!!" "Who cares? I asked for it first anyway!" "No you didn't!! Mo-om!" "Good...
  6. T

    Script Excerpt of 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'

    Hiya! Um, I was just wondering if I could have some advice for the script I'm writing for my Arts Award. I'm a student, and only just starting out with writing, and am especially unsure with adaptations like this. Anything would be welcome, no matter how critical! Props are minimalist, with...
  7. G

    Help needed in finding alternate ways of portraying this! Critique please!

    ... .........
  8. C

    The Sound of Bicycles

    I'm trying to get this ready for a publishing submission and I'm rather desperate to get some objective critique on it. Would you be so kind to oblige? I'll try and reciprocate. just let me know what you think! P.s. I'm dysgraphic, so if something makes no sense, or if I've terrifically...
  9. E

    personal story

    you dont have to read this first part, its just a bit of an intro, and explanation. i know that its kind of long, but i just decided to post everything i have got so far. if you dont want to read it all, just read til you get bored and tell me where you got to. i havent written anything...
  10. S

    Need some critique and suggestions

    Hi, I've just started writing my first online novel and some short stories on by blog at www.motley.co.za Basically trying to write a urban fantasy and really need some help as far as critique and just general ideas are concerned. I've implemented a fairly nice comment system and would love it...