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  1. Playing it Safe

    Playing it Safe

    Over the last week I have been doing a lot of outside work, from mowing to cutting brush to demolishing and rebuilding stalls in a barn. During all of it 'Safety Third' ( a reference to the series Rocket City Rednecks in that safety is the 1st rule and the 3rd rule is refer to rule #1) in my...
  2. The Writer

    The Writer

    As a child, he liked to climb into empty tires, press his face to concrete walls, staring up through narrow cracks. Speech was difficult, like breathing through a haze of words, tangled and tilted towards starry sky. As a man, immersed inside his body of work, he keeps flitting to far-off...
  3. Justin Attas

    Your Next Big Goal?

    I want to hear what everyone on WF is reaching for right now. A tangible goal, one you take action steps towards. It doesn't have to be writing-related, but it can be! For me, it's selling 20 copies of my writing course. I came out with it a few weeks ago and I'm pretty happy I've already...
  4. R

    Imagination and creativity

    In the light of new information that has come across, this particular article needs an image makeover in many aspects. As everyone on this earth wants to have ‘the best’, I am willing to give the best. Hence I am taking down the original for the time being. It will take some time to materialize...
  5. A

    MIdnight Courage

    ` I love the wee and trippy hours of an after-midnight when that glass slipper lays glistering aloof, in soft moonlight while weary dreamers poise inked quills to carve their thoughts onto pale parchment from a woozy head -- too early in the day to be about one's inescapable...
  6. D

    Creative outbursts where do they come from?

    I was just randomly googling something related to snow – which I don’t remember – and I came across images of ‘england snow satellite’, which lead me to pictures of the earth. This lead me to start researching space, space programs, nasa and global warming. Something I noticed, and the...
  7. A

    Galatean Resumé

    . CV no longer required. .
  8. RonPrice

    Serendipitous Juxtaposition: “The Genius of Photography,†ABC1 TV, 28 February 2010

    Serendipitous Juxtaposition: “The Genius of Photography,” ABC1 TV, 28 February 2010 Part 1: During the years 1954 to 1963 nine million people attended what was called ‘the greatest photographic exhibition of all times.’ It opened in January 1955 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City...