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cover design

  1. D

    I have multiple cover arts for my ebook, can I include them all somehow?

    Okay so my illustrator gave me multiple cover arts. The primary one will be the actual cover art, but can I also insert the other cover arts he gave me into the word document that is my ebook? will that screw up the process KDP uses to convert an uploaded docx to what they convert docx files to...
  2. D

    my illustrator hasn't said anything since his contract started on the 9th, should I check in with him?

    yeah, I definitely didn't pay as much as the project is worth, but he's really cool. but since thursday, the 9th, he hasn't given any updates or anything. should I ask him how it's going or is it too early for that? I don't want to come off as in a hurry because I'm not. this is just for the...
  3. Davi Franco

    Thoughts on self-made cover

    I've been working on the cover for my first book for a while and today I finished it (it won't be the ultimate result, I'll make some changes before publishing it). What do you think? I can post the old covers so you guys can see the evolution (the first ones are pretty terrible 😂).
  4. Mikeyboy_esq

    Need Your Opinions on Cover Design

    Which cover design do you like best and why?
  5. KellInkston, pretty much the best cover site ever

    I was skeptical of the quality at first when I heard there are people in real life doing covers for $5, but I took the dive, payed $5 more for an HD image, and this is what I get: This cover cost me $10 and I have the necessary publishing usage rights. An absolutely unbeatable value for this...
  6. J

    Hello forum!

    My name is Joe J. Calkins and I am an illustrator and cover designer from Portland, Oregon. I'm here to check out other peoples' visual arts and eventually offer services of my own to members. I look forward to getting to know the writing forums community! Joe J. Calkins Cerberus Art