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  1. Mikeyboy_esq

    Don't forget to REGISTER YOUR BOOK with the U.S. Copyright Office

    FRIENDLY REMINDER: If you are a U.S. author, don’t forget to register your book with the U.S. Copyright Office within 90 days of the publication date! I did that yesterday for my latest book (about book marketing tips). NOTE: This step is not required for U.S. Copyright protection, but it does...
  2. Mugician

    Approaching an artist about illustrating my novella

    I'm very close to the final draft of a YA/fantasy novella, and I'm planning on self-publishing. There is an artist that I follow on Flickr who does unbelievably beautiful watercolor. Watercolor has always been one of my favorite mediums, and this particular artist's style is perfectly matched...
  3. SerenataImmortale

    Potential copyright issues due to early drafts?

    Okay, confession time. When I was young and naive I used to write... *sigh*... fanfiction. I won't join in on the fanfiction debate, but I will admit that I am not exactly proud of what I wrote back at that age. Long story short, the novel I'm working on now started out in its earliest forms...
  4. R

    Copyright before submitting manuscript?

    Maybe this is a ridiculous question however I wanted to ask the boards advice regarding copyright status at the time of manuscript submission. To be more clear I want to submit a chapter or two to Focal Press (Elsevier), however my work is not yet copyrighted and only 75% complete. I'm unsure as...