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  1. Justin Attas

    Questions for a Ghostwriter

    Hey everybody, Here's a topic that never ceases to strike up public interest at gatherings. I was a ghostwriter. For the sake of clearing up any possible confusion, that means I was paid a lump sum to write a book based on someone else's idea. That person received the credit for the book and...
  2. AwkwardWriter

    Conversation Thread!

    Hey, everyone: why don't we just have a conversation here? Conversation starter: What's your favourite word and why?
  3. ma348212

    Tinted Windows (Language, drug use)

    Two roommates sit in a BMW parked only a hundred or so feet from their first-floor dorm room. If Liam tilts his head far back enough, he can see right into their window, see the pile of emptied tobacco on his dresser. This car isn’t going anywhere. These guys, they just sit, chat, burn...
  4. Robert

    What is a Pen Friend?

    A “pen friend” is someone who carries on conversation with you on an ongoing, perhaps even irregular basis. A “pen friend” discusses all kinds of things. Things you both find interest in, for good in-depth learning and discovery. Things such as books, people, sciences, social...