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  1. Odanata

    I have a Fantastic Story, and would like to collaborate!

    Hi, Looks like a very nice forum, I am Rory, I am a 46 year old male, from Ireland. Over the last 3 years I have written the first draft of a book that has been brewing in my mind over decades. It is young adult fiction set in Ireland in the year 2052 following a supernova event. The...
  2. -xXx-

    [Collab] epimetheus and -xxx- present "-/un/spoke n-"

    for your perusal: -unspoke n- Flowery arcs, decorated pillars, footsteps echoing in a vast hall. Welcome to the Art Gallery. Take the left wing, come visit the trapped muse. First painting. Hunters in the snow, 1565. Lungs burning, inhale and exhale sublimated. Limbs encased in ice...
  3. R

    collaborative writing?

    you may want to check out this new site for creative writers. it's 100% collaboration in a way never done before. :salut::salut: