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  1. Moon Child


    I've been watching Christmas films (still have a long playlist to get through) and one thing that crops up a lot is Christmas traditions. So, thought we could share some? I'll go first.. My tradition from birth to about five years ago was being dragged around the supermarket on Christmas Eve...
  2. Moon Child


    Hi all 😊 I'm writing a story just for fun (yes, a fanfiction), a Christmas fluff with some angst in it. I'm wondering if anyone can help as Google only tells me variables, as if I should know the answer 🙄 If a human character - on Christmas Eve - gets stuck in a broken down car during a...
  3. T

    Red Christmas warning: graphic, 19 and older

    Andy pulled up in his driveway in an old, beat-up sedan. “Merry God damn Christmas,” he said. He slammed the door shut. Christmas day, and his boss had him working overtime. His wife, Shannon, greeted him in the kitchen with a bottle of wine. He didn't so much care for the stuff,but he...
  4. R

    Canaries Christmas

    Strange, in the third week of December, to be sat round a pool in the blazing heat, concerned about burning rather than work and Christmas presents. Work can manage without me (I have to accept). My blackberry is switched off and safely locked in the room safe. And the presents will take...