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  1. Rojack79

    Thread Consolidation! Or Thread Necromancey!!

    As some of you may or may not know I have a bit of a history on here. Some of my previous threads have devolved into nothing more than petty squabbles about who is right in my opinion. So with this thread I plan on reintroducing my work to thia lovely online community with the hope that I can...
  2. Rojack79

    Crafting an Apocalypse, Take 2. Also a jumping off point for two future book series!!

    So after two years of no real activity on here I've decided to come back with an old premise that's been retooled in order to work out some kinks as well as propose two new ideas for two future book series that I plan to work on and may even need some help with when things start taking off. So...
  3. C

    Strange Fire

    ANIMA FIRE Firebrands spread like rage when tongues were set afire. Men were found standing frigid naked in the briar seeking ignition from the Light. © Calbab 2018 The Winner!!! My New Poem! Special thanks to all sharing a proposal poem.
  4. gokedik

    Respecting the Spirit

    To follow a spiritual philosophy with nothing concrete to validate it’s credibility is tantamount to disengaging one’s brain and heart. Accept stories of ancient orators that float and possess the ability to return Death’s infection. And call themselves a direct descendant of our creator whom...