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  1. J

    Regardless of what, it will surely be.

    The days have gone, the days have come, Renewed what was and will continue to be, Through stormy skies, and the breaking of sunrise, Only then, will the eyes then see. Despite the lingering days of shadow, Our hearts then yearn to be free, Through winter days where the heart relays, Of how much...
  2. J

    A love letter for the times and seasons.

    My dearest friend, Regardless of what or when, despite how or why, whether we weather storms of unyielding sorrow, or endure the joyful bliss of each other's company, let our deepest love and affection be molded and heightened through every time and season we endure. Winter's chill may creep...
  3. J

    Stillness despite the rainfall.

    Through thick and thin, through every sin, Through every storm before the win, While shadows lurk and doubt would creep, While hearts would mourn and eyes would weep, Before the storm, remaining calm, With hand in hand, without a qualm, A steadfast stillness despite the clash, Where...
  4. D

    First Come the Goodbyes

    Soon our halleluiahs will roll like thunder; Gladly we will walk, no troubles in our talk; Now we’re stuck, just hushes and goodbyes, Too soon for eternity; on it we knock; Place of opportunity, land of little lies; Dreams of an Earth rapture into Heaven, Just a cupped peach on Joshua’s tree...