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  1. Stormcat

    Writing a (traumatized) child

    TW: Mention of sexual abuse So I have this character, a 12-year-old girl, who is the ward of my MC and her husband. The reason she is their ward is because her biological father was molesting her, and when her non-abusive older brother went to the authorities about what was happening to his...
  2. D

    Having more diversity on children's books

    What do you think on having more diversity on children's books? Is it good for a children's book?
  3. cazann34


    This is the opening from chapter one in the novel I am working on. It's aimed at children or pre-teens. I welcome all comments. Thank you in advance. Chapter one The little green car came to a sudden stop. The driver, an over weight businessman called...
  4. MJCaan

    Should we write with a "rating" in mind?

    Should books have ratings like movies? I know they have categories, but I've read some YA books that would be rated R if they were a movie. THe current novel I'm writing is definitely not for children, but that doesn't meant they would not enjoy it (as long as they were mature enough to...
  5. P

    Hi! I think I'm a writer, therefore I am, arn't I?

    Hi my name is Paula and I've written and illustrated stories ever since I can remember. The genre I love to write in is children's picture books (and sometimes pre teenage/teenage books.) I love also, to write in rhyme for some picture books, but the thing I love to do the most is tell and...
  6. GreenAvenue

    Sex in the New Bible!

    Well, I'm not sure if there is sex in the bible :book: and I'm not sure if there is a New Bible either. I just came to introduce myself haha. :-D So, I am a tiny bit over 40 (a tiny-bit I said!), am actually not a writer yet... I write articles for a number of magazines, have monthly and...