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  1. RosesPoetryOfficial

    Childhood Memories Part 1

    Glimpses of my childhood flash before me. Recollections of a nearly forgotten yesterday. Why is it that I only remember the disdainful words from your lips… the scowls and contempt from my peers. The anger of the world at my doorstep. Ripping through the threshold that was me. Taking for...
  2. gerdun


    Grant awoke to the shivering lips of his sister Kate squashed up against his ear. ‘Shh, don’t say anything,’ she whimpered, her tiny hand placed firmly over his mouth, ‘I think someone is trying to break into the house.’ her whisper trembled with terror and it was only then he noticed Kate...
  3. gokedik

    The Love of a Mother

    She was trying it again; another man to drown in. This would be number three and he was seven. Years old. And loved his mother more than anyone ever had. So when she had a talk about a man in a brief exchange he gave up his happiness for her’s. “Michael, is he OK?” she asked like a giddy high...
  4. Richard.E.Craig

    Paradise Summers: Reminiscences of Childhood No1 By R.E.Craig

    Remember how-when we were young we ran among the golden meadow. Remember those sweet summer days by the cool burbling brook that ran at the foot of the bottom field. Remember how-as kids we played-how life was then forever. How days were blue and the sun shone hot upon our little pink backs...
  5. A

    Holy Candles and the Three Days of Darkness

    “Tommar! Ronny! Jamie! Weefer! Becky! Shelley! Marnie! Petie! Johnnie!” That meant it was either morning or “TIME TO SAY THE ROSARY!” We dreaded that sound like you wouldn’t believe. Mom was Catholic and did her best to raise us that way, too. Poor woman. She had nothing backing her but a...