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  1. Stormcat

    Writing a (traumatized) child

    TW: Mention of sexual abuse So I have this character, a 12-year-old girl, who is the ward of my MC and her husband. The reason she is their ward is because her biological father was molesting her, and when her non-abusive older brother went to the authorities about what was happening to his...
  2. C.K.Johnson


    Trusting Ben was crazy, but Angie Lazar was out of options. To keep her daughter from the hands of her poisonous family, Angie places their future in the hands of a stranger and starts over where no one from her past can find her. She's in a new town and a new job, where Angie's discovered a...
  3. S.M. grimbldoo


    Neither fireworks nor bells There was no big shebang Just the second hand running circles As I hung out with the gang My wallet didn’t burst with cash Wisdom didn’t rush into my brain Just the minute hand keeping pace Everything was still the same No hair erupted from my chest Nothing more...
  4. B

    The Water Dancer

    She leaps and skips in her delight a child still ecstatic at the prospect of her being. Daughter of the placid pool whence her existence springs her wild, wild hair sprays giddily as she dances the water dance. Energized ripples of fluid life her gurgling laugh bubbles up towards the sky...
  5. LeahG


    I wrote this as an experiment with the third person as I normally use the first which is comfortable for me. Bath He sits in the tub. He puts his mouth to the cooling water and blows, eyes widening in response to the ripples, seeing he has cause and effect and repeating the action several...
  6. SteveW

    Untitled Short Story

    It’s an unusual situation. The boy is lying on battered rock – not the soft grass outside his house – staring up at a gibbous moon, not full, not quite complete. A small slice of himself is, like the moon, hidden, unseen, in a transient phase, waiting to come to light. He’s been here...