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child abuse

  1. Stormcat

    Writing a (traumatized) child

    TW: Mention of sexual abuse So I have this character, a 12-year-old girl, who is the ward of my MC and her husband. The reason she is their ward is because her biological father was molesting her, and when her non-abusive older brother went to the authorities about what was happening to his...
  2. Amnesiac

    Poisonous. [language, abuse]

    The first time it happened, I was eight years old. My mom was doing her hair in the bathroom. I ran in to tell her that there was a black widow on the wall in my bedroom. Before a word left my lips, I was met with a slap, then another, and that was followed by another, as she yelled at me for...
  3. gokedik

    The Love of a Mother

    She was trying it again; another man to drown in. This would be number three and he was seven. Years old. And loved his mother more than anyone ever had. So when she had a talk about a man in a brief exchange he gave up his happiness for her’s. “Michael, is he OK?” she asked like a giddy high...
  4. gokedik

    Best Time of My Life

    The front door closed and so went the smell of cigarettes. Mom and step-dad going to work. The house was his now, and his three toddler sisters, whom he adored. He woke them and said, “Come out and play.” MTV was turned on and Bon Jovi or Guns and Roses were on, in all their glam rock glory. He...
  5. G

    Granny's writing a book.

    Dear Members of The Writing Forum, For some years now I have been struggling with my Autobiography. Although I have led a very unusual life dominated by the insecurities created by the lack of affection and constant beatings that I was subjected to by both my parents, I am well traveled...