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  1. A

    Characters Transformations To Animal Tips or Suggestions

    Hi all, quick question here and not sure where exactly to ask this. Have got a story where two women turned into two woodland animals. Thing is, am not quite sure as to how to write it. Any thoughts or ideas?
  2. Justin Attas

    If You Could Pick One Topic to Get Direct Help With, in a Video or Article...

    What would you pick? I spend my weeks making writing help videos and writing articles to help others who are where I've been. I usually just peruse the forum to see what people are struggling with and take an educated stab in the dark. But I decided to try out a more "ask and you shall receive"...
  3. Fowly

    Will my work to be stolen if it is posted online

    Quick question: Can mine, or anyone else's writing pieces be plagiarised by anyone? For years I've been secretive about the book I've been working on. I've only shown it to a few people for feedback throughout the years and I worry that if I write about any aspects of my characters or story...
  4. Tan

    Interesting Wise Old Characters

    In a story I am working on there is a wise old man who is the most powerful psychic on the planet the psychics live on. It is undisputed and he is famous for being the best. He is stronger than the main antagonist of the story, the hero, and any other character. I don't want to make him a...
  5. P

    Hopelessness in drafting

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been/is in the situation where writing almost becomes depressing. I try so hard to incorporate all the aspects of a great story into my writing but I need some advice. I'm doing what seems to be a "must" and have introduced the main characters, the...
  6. M

    Character arch

    I've read that in a proper story arch the main character is changed somehow, and the change is what drives the story to it's conclusion. Does a character's change need to correlate with the story's climax (as in the peak of action and some form of resolution), or can it occur beforehand? I...
  7. MJCaan

    Keeping Characters Organized

    What is the best way you have found to keep track of the characters in your novel? I have a bulletin board above my desk on which I keep notecards pinned . But is there an easier way? And if you need a system to track your characters, are there too many?
  8. K

    Characters that won’t cooperate!!!

    Dose anyone else run into this problem? I love my characters but sometimes they make mefeel a little schizophrenic. I have aplot in mind, an outline, a way I want the story to go…then someone decides notto cooperate! My current WIP started life in my head as a vampire romance, thenmy hero...
  9. C

    Two Viewpoints on the same events?

    Hello fellow writers! I'm Courtney and I'm working on my first series. I have a problem and I would love your advice. I am writing a series with two main characters from totally different worlds who experience the same event in very different ways, and then they meet at the end of the climax...
  10. Sapphire-Rayne

    Between the characters and you?

    So I've had a small concern for myself in recent years, and will appreciate any advice or input you guys have to offer. ^^; I write fiction exclusively, and ever since I started story drafting at age 10 ( the age I started drawing comics), I've felt an immensely close connection to all of my...
  11. LadyT

    Ensemble scenes

    I'm writing a short story that opens with a round-table discussion involving ten characters. Naturally I've got some challenges on my hands. What is the highest number of speaking characters that you've written in a single scene? What's your approach? Do you describe them individually? en...