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  1. K

    What makes you care about a character from the first chapter(s)?

    Regardless of genre Thanks in advance
  2. Stormcat

    Writing a Control Freak.

    I'm writing a control freak character. Two of them actually, A married couple. I've already written about their children in my story, but now it's time to talk about the parents. The kids themselves are forced to behave like perfect children in public, always smiling (not necessarily sincerely)...
  3. T

    Using real Life and Psychology as a source of inspiration for stories. My opinion.

    I'm starting to think psychology plays an important part in helping inspire people write fiction. I know it's just a guess. But when writing stories, based on real people. It made me think how my own life can be thought up as goal, motivation, and conflict. I am thinking of a goal, maybe...
  4. Cicada

    An unnamed project (... has taken over my life) (Language Warning)

    (Language Warning) part 15 After Anna left, Corporal Roi Anxo leaned onto his lifted knees and heaved a loud sigh. It was anyone’s guess how he was going to get through this alone. Not only did he have obligations to return to the well for the armed services that payed him, but now he...
  5. Prinkes

    Why were kids unpopular in your school?

    Why were kids unpopular in your school? I'm interested in any age group - I'm just curious as to why certain kids become outcasts and others do not. For instance, in my high school, kids became unpopular if they started to care about something - the minute they showed in an interest in...
  6. A

    How do I write a good staring character?

    Even the most interesting, thought out, and well-written of characters shouldn't be the sole focus of a story. This is because each character has a motivation independent of the author's favorite. So how do I write a good story that focuses on a particular character while still having a cast...