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  1. leoflynnwriter

    Need Help With A Character's Personality

    I'm writing a space opera series about a princess who embarks on a tour of the solar systems... until it goes haywire! She's stranded in another galaxy after being ripped from hyperspace. Through her journey, she discovers a plot to destroy the peaceful Cassileo Federation her people worked hard...
  2. Lumiiberry

    Writing an Abusive Character Advice?

    I'm trying to write my protagonist's partner to be an abusive creep that trapped her in a relationship for a few years. My protagonist grew up incredibly sheltered, and I want to creating a slow boil effect. Her partner is nonbinary (not that it matters, but I wanted to clarify), and I want to...
  3. Q

    1st draft weak on character. Too late to fix?

    My story is still in first draft. I have a decent plot and premise. The characters are basic. You could tell one from the other, but I haven’t spent as much time on the characters’ charactethe as on the plot. Am I too late to fix this..in the sense that first draft version is built with...
  4. T

    Struggling with a character and potential sub-plot?

    I'm nervous now. I hope this is an appropriate kind of question to post here. I'll try not to go on too long. (Trigger warnings: child abuse, suicide. No explicit language, graphic descriptions or straight-up excerpts.) Ok, so I have a storyline in the planning. General gist in a nutshell...
  5. Moxis

    Names of things, places, animals, people

    This is my imagery brick wall I beat my figurative hands into a bloody pulp with. I can make a story, I can make characters, but when it comes to naming anything in my story I'll get like five or six then my brain stops working. Any tips tricks or experimental tactics for this?
  6. Phoenix Raven

    Supporting characters

    I had a question about supporting or secondary characters. In my story the protagonist travels with four others. While I do have my protagonist as the main focus of my story, there are times when I want to focus on the supporting characters. Giving them greater depth and making them three...
  7. B

    "Sensitive"/Psychic Characters

    Alright. I am currently working out a paranormal/thriller novel. My question to you all is simply this: do you think the "sensitive", or unknowingly psychic character, overdone in the genre? I was thinking about making one of my main characters one of those "sensitive" types but now I am not...
  8. M

    Introduction of main character

    This is the same story as my previous post, “Serial Killer and a Cop.” The MC is an expert in catching serial killers and has become a recognisable face in the public eye. When a serial killer strikes in his home town, he is brought onto the case and must return to the town he left behind. He...
  9. Y

    One Question to Rule Them All (and a few more for the heck of it)

    Hey writers. I'm a bit of a newbie so excuse any mistakes I make, but I could really use some help here. Being a 16 year old aspiring writer, (screenplays are my primary medium but I never pass up a short story) I often run into many obstacles a newcomer would expect in such a challenging medium...
  10. egriffith

    Is my main character too passive?

    I am writing a story set in Japan 400 years ago. A 10-year-old boy is orphaned when his parents are caught up in a rebellion. He is rescued by a mysterious stranger. He is mostly following his mentor and reacting to a new environment for a good portion of the story. How-to books say there should...
  11. N

    My new character

    i have a new character, he is called Chang. he is a who is using the power of his superiors, to do his own bedding. he is the main antagonist, and wants to destroy the protagonist. pls let me know what you think??? pls be gentle....