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character development

  1. Stormcat

    Crafting an imperfect mentor

    It's almost time to introduce my MC to their mentor! But I haven't actually fleshed out this mentor in my notes yet. All I've got is that he's a grandfather who loves his children and grandchildren very much, He can't keep secrets and he's known to get really, really excited when his special...
  2. Q

    1st draft weak on character. Too late to fix?

    My story is still in first draft. I have a decent plot and premise. The characters are basic. You could tell one from the other, but I haven’t spent as much time on the characters’ charactethe as on the plot. Am I too late to fix this..in the sense that first draft version is built with...
  3. seigfried007


    I bumped into a really fascinating site on archetypes this afternoon, and I thought other writers might be interested. I've never set out to write an archetypes, necessarily, but this site's not about "peasant prince" type archetypes--more like deep psychological archetypes. Especially if you...
  4. V

    Pacing. (Introducing the characters and slow historical time line)

    Ok I have almost finished my research and have started story lining each character’s story. And how to weave the different story lines together. I have bumped into an issue. As I have said in previous post, my story is about the 80’s. To be educated, my characters have to be educated and...
  5. R

    Just wanted to introduce myself

    Hello everyone, My name is Raven and I have been looking for a writers forum so I can communicate with other writers, get opinions and generally learn more from the world of writing. I live in the UK and have always loved writing, developing characters and everything creative that goes with...
  6. Q

    ...How to Pull off My Villain?

    Hello fellow writers! I am excited about the novel that I am working on, but I am struggling with the villain. My novel is a modern supernatural/fantasy. My villain is more of an idea than a person. He has transcended from his original form. The Hero has defeated the villain and has started a...
  7. K

    Characters that won’t cooperate!!!

    Dose anyone else run into this problem? I love my characters but sometimes they make mefeel a little schizophrenic. I have aplot in mind, an outline, a way I want the story to go…then someone decides notto cooperate! My current WIP started life in my head as a vampire romance, thenmy hero...
  8. K

    hello and thank you.

    Fair warning toall involved I write the way I speak. Bad grammar, punctuation in odd places,lots of bold or italics, sarcasm abounds and yes I even get a potty mouth fromtime to time. My pen name, which I will be using here, is Kat but most of thetime I’m answering to mom. I have a beautiful...
  9. G

    Need help deciding a Name.

    Hey I need help deciding a name for a character. She is a twenty something Personal Assistant to a princess. Has lots of ambition. My first idea was Melanie Mallet. But I felt Melanie was kind of an old fashioned name. And I wanted to save old-fashioned names for royalty and people with...