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character developement

  1. Visualinotion

    What can I do with my main character's personality?

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a comic project and I already have a plot, the side plots, the characters and everything, but now I've got a problem with my main character. My story: in a world of anthropomorphic animals, a bear, which is considered a "Dangerous Animal", suffers from...
  2. R

    How do I make a lesbian character but not makes the character's sexuality looked forced?

    I've seen people say that a character's sexuality must not be forced but the only problem is I just don't know how to do that.
  3. Stormcat

    ACAB: All Cops Are Brainstorming

    Right. So a crime has just occurred. Naturally, the authorities have been called to investigate and hopefully catch the perpetrator. But I'm having trouble coming up with the characterization for this officer or this team of officers. With so many archetypes of police officers to choose from...
  4. Stormcat

    Faceclaiming a character.

    So I've got this character, and all I know about her appearance is that she is an "older woman". I have no idea how else to describe her appearance because I never really planned how I wanted her to look. Race? Hair color? Eye color? Overall body weight? I got nuthin'. I've tried to look at...
  5. V

    Whats the difference between angst and a cruelty for the sake of cruelty

    I've been writing something, and it feels a bit edgy I need to know the difference between violence for the sake of violence and tragedy.
  6. Stormcat

    Writing my First Love Triangle.

    So in my first draft of the story I'm working on, My (married) MC develops a crush on a single man and fantasizes about being with him, but I didn't really elaborate on it too much and just focused on getting the story down on paper. Now that I'm working on the second draft, I think it's high...
  7. Stormcat

    A Day in the life of a Spymaster

    Most stories that involve espionage center around the spies themselves. Whether it's the glamourous but fictional exploits of James Bond or the real-life stories of wartime (and peacetime) spies. But what about the people who "handle" these spies? I've got a character who is the de-facto head...
  8. RedsFables

    Don't plot yourself into writer's block

    Writing can be extremely difficult. In many ways, we bare our innermost thoughts. How we get from Point 'A' to 'B' ergo etc... Today for some inane reason I focused on the roles we assign our characters. Good guy, bad guy, and so on, but while I was thinking it over I realized that by...
  9. Stormcat

    Writing a Control Freak.

    I'm writing a control freak character. Two of them actually, A married couple. I've already written about their children in my story, but now it's time to talk about the parents. The kids themselves are forced to behave like perfect children in public, always smiling (not necessarily sincerely)...
  10. Deleted member 65753

    Need Help With A Character's Personality

    I'm writing a space opera series about a princess who embarks on a tour of the solar systems... until it goes haywire! She's stranded in another galaxy after being ripped from hyperspace. Through her journey, she discovers a plot to destroy the peaceful Cassileo Federation her people worked hard...
  11. Stormcat

    Crafting an abusive mother

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but I figure it would be safer to put it here instead of Character threads. Anyway, My MC lived with her wonderful father until she was 13, and he died. She was then sent by social services to live with her biological mom, as she was the only family the MC has...