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character changes

  1. K

    Characters that won’t cooperate!!!

    Dose anyone else run into this problem? I love my characters but sometimes they make mefeel a little schizophrenic. I have aplot in mind, an outline, a way I want the story to go…then someone decides notto cooperate! My current WIP started life in my head as a vampire romance, thenmy hero...
  2. K

    hello and thank you.

    Fair warning toall involved I write the way I speak. Bad grammar, punctuation in odd places,lots of bold or italics, sarcasm abounds and yes I even get a potty mouth fromtime to time. My pen name, which I will be using here, is Kat but most of thetime I’m answering to mom. I have a beautiful...
  3. RHSexton

    Character Changes

    I'm not sure how to ask this, but I'll give it a shot. In my finished manuscript, "Crushed Heart," one of the characters, Rachel, is the love interest for the protagonist. When I originally wrote the story, she seemed somewhat insubstantial, like she was only there to BE Ral's love interest...