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character building

  1. Stormcat

    Writing a Control Freak.

    I'm writing a control freak character. Two of them actually, A married couple. I've already written about their children in my story, but now it's time to talk about the parents. The kids themselves are forced to behave like perfect children in public, always smiling (not necessarily sincerely)...
  2. L

    General thoughts on a conversation I put together? Does it flow well?

    “I only want to see what’s genuine.” She said flatly. I stared at her for a moment before responding. “And how would you like it presented to you? You say that as if you’ve never seen what’s genuine. As if it isn’t present right now. How would you like to see it?” She glanced my way then...
  3. Deleted member 65753

    Need Help With A Character's Personality

    I'm writing a space opera series about a princess who embarks on a tour of the solar systems... until it goes haywire! She's stranded in another galaxy after being ripped from hyperspace. Through her journey, she discovers a plot to destroy the peaceful Cassileo Federation her people worked hard...
  4. ehbowen

    Up-to-date info on airline stewardesses...er, flight attendants?

    So for the next installment I'm plotting out right now, I'd like to put one of my angel characters into the human world as a flight attendant, presumably for British Airways...very free to move about. I think that I can make the angel side of her character believable, but what about the...
  5. seigfried007


    I bumped into a really fascinating site on archetypes this afternoon, and I thought other writers might be interested. I've never set out to write an archetypes, necessarily, but this site's not about "peasant prince" type archetypes--more like deep psychological archetypes. Especially if you...
  6. Moonbeast32

    What is femininity?

    Increasingly often in media and literature, I'm seeing attempts made at making strong female characters. I believe this is a good direction, but it is often executed poorly. It would appear to me that many writers believe one of two things: (A. A female character's greatest strength is their...
  7. Moxis

    Names of things, places, animals, people

    This is my imagery brick wall I beat my figurative hands into a bloody pulp with. I can make a story, I can make characters, but when it comes to naming anything in my story I'll get like five or six then my brain stops working. Any tips tricks or experimental tactics for this?
  8. Crying

    Writing a 'Cute' Character

    So my MC is a wounded soldier who hardly had any time in combat. He's not particularly strong, and his right leg is severely wounded, making it so that he can't walk without help. He also happens to be a 'cute' character (or he will be if I manage to write him in a bearable way), and I'm trying...
  9. R

    How to make a character intrersting TO ME!?

    (Sigh ... ) I'm don't know if I'm doing it right I have been reseaching character development for years, finding out what qualities about a character that the audience would love. There's just one problem these characters seem cool but I'm not feeling totally invested in these characters, just...
  10. R

    What about a certain character makes you smile?

    Hi new guy here at the site, I was watching a show called Adventure Time for those that don't know in the show there is a character name Finn the Human he's is an incredibly random character but still maintains some good characterization and just watching him go through random events in the show...
  11. A

    How do I write a good staring character?

    Even the most interesting, thought out, and well-written of characters shouldn't be the sole focus of a story. This is because each character has a motivation independent of the author's favorite. So how do I write a good story that focuses on a particular character while still having a cast...