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  1. B

    Endless Path

    Endless Path A path unknown for a man who is lost, Going this way and that with chaos all around, Falling and Falling wondering when he will hit the ground, He realizes it will never end, So he remains there lost upon the very end.
  2. CJ Tomlinson

    The Remnants (part of the first chapter)

    I wrote this first bit a few years ago and just recently got a burst of inspiration, finishing half the book's outline in a few hours. I'm not sure I'm gonna go through with it, since part of me feels like the idea might have been kind of overdone, and the other part of me thinks it's not good...
  3. R

    Order and Chaos in Dubai and Delhi

    This was my third trip to India, and the place no longer makes the same impact on me as before. I vividly remember the impression Delhi made on my first visit – the shock of the noise, car chaos and endless number of people. Even on my second trip, the traffic experience as we drove the 5 hours...