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  1. S


    Under a cloak of anonymity sleeps the cancer gene, comfortable and warm, buoyed up by normal, unsuspecting cells. Homeostasis. This gene, with its agenda, hijacks just one tiny micro-cell, corrupting it, quickening, dividing erratically to fulfill its intended purpose, to invade, conquer and...
  2. H

    # 26 See Feel Be

    Making her laugh, my heart sings, sentimentally pulling heart strings, I smile. Tears in her eye, falling from mine. In my office she walked, mask of concern, biopsy, will you come? Messaged team, gotta go. Traffic pace, minds race, gown on, doctors face. Before one needle punched its...
  3. C

    Are People Apathetic?

    Hi friends ClosetWriter here (Dave Rider) We had the ice bucket challenge. How about THE CANCER EXPERIENCE CHALLENGE. I challenge each one of you to take this very short survey. You don't have to give a penny, and you don't have to dump any water over your head. You only have to answer 10...
  4. C

    Survey: 10 Questions to Provide Critical Information to Cancer Patients

    Hello Everyone, My name is Dave Rider; known to many of you as ClosetWriter. A little over two years ago I was told that I had two years to live. I had advanced and aggressive prostate cancer. Long story short. I was told I was going to die Jan of 2015. I am still here, and doing well. I have...
  5. gokedik

    Her and Him

    On a small porch in back of the building, people were allowed to smoke and that’s where they met. Both in wheel chairs, him, from a relatively minor spinal chord injury that was major enough to take away his ability to walk. Her, from a stroke she had while swimming in a pool that made her left...
  6. C

    Another Sunrise

    Some of you know me as ClosetWriter, but my real name is Dave Rider. The last seven years of my life have been consumed by cancer. My father's terminal cancer was the start of this emotional journey. We lost him December of 2009. My wife's only sister died from cancer in 2010; the same time that...
  7. J


    He who holds the flame high, As he burns it. He who flies the eagle’s soar, As he directs it. He is maroon today and tomorrow it seems the same. Fortnight spent spouting red, and now he is blue. What color will he be today? his Lady need know, must know or how can she stand so tall? He...
  8. S

    World 1 Rozette 0

    I had to write something for a project. After I read it to someone, they said I should try writing more. So here is my first public writing. I have written this in my head for years. I am concerned that it is long and maybe I travel off topic too much. My first draft was one third of this. Each...
  9. E

    Charity book for Macmillan Cancer Support - please support me!

    Hi - if you live in the UK and have been touched by cancer in some way, as most of us have, please join my facebook group 'Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Table Book Club'. The objective of the club is for us to collaborate to publish a coffee table book: an anthology of poems and short...