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  1. lumino

    Quantify/Qualifying the rhythm of lyrical prose

    I know that you will probably say that I should just depend on my ear, but I am looking for some set of principles that can produce prose rhythm, given certain parameters. Even though I have managed to produce good prose rhythm in the past, I still want a set of principles. For some reason I am...
  2. lumino

    A Better Way to Write

    The things I write do not sound good, myself not doing what I should, to set down roughly all my thoughts and render then their roughness naught. Intending lofty, cadenced words to be in all my writing heard, but thoughts of mine not fully framed, the words I write I cannot tame. And thus do...
  3. lumino

    Disdain for Beautiful Writing

    Disdain for Beautiful Prose It seems that today many disdain prose with a style that makes you attend to it, discouraging those who would write that way from doing so, and urging them to use the plainest words that they can. I, on the other hand, though I have striven to avoid writing that way...
  4. lumino

    Concerning the King James Bible and one reason I have trouble writing

    For a long time I have been in the habit of revising as I write, which I attribute to this feeling, that I cannot achieve the voice I want by revising a sloppy draft, a feeling which is due to my doubts about the flexibility of language. When I examine a piece of writing which I consider to be...
  5. lumino

    Is it wrong to use synonyms to achieve rhythm?

    Let's say you want to write in a certain kind of voice, and using one word in a certain places goes against your goal because of its sound. Is it wrong, then, to use a synonym with a sound that helps you accomplish your goal? Would this be wrong because no two words in the English language mean...