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  1. The Writer

    The Writer

    As a child, he liked to climb into empty tires, press his face to concrete walls, staring up through narrow cracks. Speech was difficult, like breathing through a haze of words, tangled and tilted towards starry sky. As a man, immersed inside his body of work, he keeps flitting to far-off...
  2. Stormcat

    Book-ception (Books within your books)

    I've gotten to a point in my story where My protagonist is reading a book about the world she finds herself in in an effort to figure out what's going on. Any advice on how to do this without it being an infodump? How do I show grammatically that you're reading a passage of this fictional...
  3. lumino

    Some Books on Style

    I recommended some books to Theglasshouse but not to everyone in the forum. So, since these books would probably be helpful in developing good prose style, I thought I should share them with you. One is called "Building Great Sentences....". It talks about the cumulative syntax and other...
  4. D

    Any romance book you can recommend for valentines?

    Just wanna read good romance book for valentines and maybe recommend it to my friends :)
  5. D

    Having more diversity on children's books

    What do you think on having more diversity on children's books? Is it good for a children's book?
  6. Edward Picot

    First experiences of reading

    In a recent autobiographical essay, “Sidestepping the Known”, published in the Cordite Poetry Review, the Australian experimental writer and new media artist Mez Breeze recollects a formative experience from her early years: ‘When I was in my late primary school years, I was shunted into an...
  7. gokedik

    Dominoes in the Sand

    Part 1 of an adult journey His breath was lost, his knees were weak and he knew that he would never be the same again. She only said two words, “Bye, Dillon.” And she was gone before he knew what happened. He didn’t catch his oversight until it was too late. When he did, all the times she spoke...
  8. C

    Constructing a non-fiction book

    Hello All, I started with WF not long ago (a good strong start) but have faded over the last few weeks, the reason being that I have been working on some basic non-fiction books. At the moment I am about half way through a series on our solar system and it's planets. I am quite a creative soul...
  9. G

    Farley Mowat has died RIP

    A great canadian literary icon has died. Farley Mowat, was Canada's version of Ernest Hemingway. During WWII, Mowat served overseas with the "Hasty P's" and wrote two books about his experiences overseas. He also wrote other such books as Owls in the Family, and The Dog who wouldnt Be...
  10. M

    Im looking for someone who likes to edit books

    I have a book, I want someone to review and edit it.. trying my luck here.. let me know if im barking up the wrong tree.. thanks.. MC
  11. T

    Pitching an Illustrated Children's Series Without Illustrations (Can it be done?)

    Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for taking the time to read and (hopefully) respond to this post. I am posting here in the publishing section of the forum because I have a series of educational children's books that I would like to start submitting for publication, and I'd like to get...
  12. DouglasMB


    Hello as hard as it might be to grasp due to my login/screen/forum name, my name is Douglas... I know I know it is porbably a suprise, I think it was to me to for the first few years of my like I thought my name was stoppit! Cut it out! and Don't eat that! But now Douglas suits me fine and the...
  13. D


    When I began writing my book set in Sydney in 1966 I researched the background at the National Library in Canberra. I wanted to make sure my memory was accurate. I read many of the actual newspapers the Library has checking weather, current events and TV shows for the period. I even found the...