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  1. M

    Hi, everyone!

    Hi, fellows! Firstly, my username is inspired or taken from characters in my book, so let´s get that out of our way, firstly. Last year, I got a book published through a publication house which promotes new writers. However, the problem has been the promotion of my work. I´m least interested...
  2. LaurelAnne

    Working Cover for Amaranth Skies

    I’m in very early days of writing but I’ve been world building and planning for a while now, here’s my working title, initial thoughts?
  3. Anizeitshla

    Have a Story

    I got a story I just wanna upload it to different sites! Am I able to do that here or nah?
  4. Sudhanshu1

    Introduction of Sudhanshu Shekhar

    Hi, my name is Sudhanshu Shekhar. And I am an English writer. I have published many book such as "Time Man, Time Tale, The paradise love, etc.
  5. Stormcat

    Book-ception (Books within your books)

    I've gotten to a point in my story where My protagonist is reading a book about the world she finds herself in in an effort to figure out what's going on. Any advice on how to do this without it being an infodump? How do I show grammatically that you're reading a passage of this fictional...
  6. Heid

    Adapting for theatre (though I have no experience)

    I am reading a book that I feel would be ideal for a stage adaptation. However, even though I am a freelance writer, I have no experience writing for theatre productions. It's actually been a while since I even saw a play. Apart from absorbing myself in theatre culture, what advice can anyone...
  7. Juganhuy

    Backwards World (Another Zombie Book)

    So, I am totally ADHD. I wrote 1 book. I have another 2 50% done. Another one 25% done. I just had the urge to start writing another. All different genres. What is good is I keep bouncing and writing and getting inspiration from each of them. I plan on finishing all 4 around the same time and...
  8. E

    What Was The Last Book That You Read?

    ...and did you enjoy it? :)
  9. N

    Potential co-writers?

    I am looking for someone to write with me on a fantasy/action/adventure story about an assassin. Please PM me if you are interested and we can discuss ideas for it.
  10. L

    The Book Show - is anyone here going?

    Hi! I'm new - my name is Lauren and I'm from the UK. I was just wondering if anyone here is planning to go to The Book Show in September this year? I'm thinking about going as they've got a section for unsigned authors - I'm half way through writing my first proper novel and I really would like...
  11. Revekka

    The Book's Rant

    The Book’s Rant I am lonely, and collecting dust Flip me open, you must! No body wants me anymore Because they scurried out the door I’m obsolete! I’ve taken defeat Why can’t you just take some time And read me! Why don’t you want to read? Is it too boring? Easy, pick up another book! How...
  12. L

    Which idea makes a better story?

    The point is I really want to write abook, in fact I've been attempting to do so for years. As of now I've been given inspiration to write (I'm a huge procrastinator) so I want to know which of these sound more interesting, here's a quick summary on all of them. Book One: Angels exist. All...
  13. P

    Advice on a Title

    I'm writing a book that consists of four novelas. The theme for all the titles is music, each is also the title of a song. Seize the Day: Fourteen-year-old cocaine dealer who ends up in several fights that end in the deaths of a close friend and his pregnant thirteen-year-old girlfriend...
  14. E

    Charity book for Macmillan Cancer Support - please support me!

    Hi - if you live in the UK and have been touched by cancer in some way, as most of us have, please join my facebook group 'Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Table Book Club'. The objective of the club is for us to collaborate to publish a coffee table book: an anthology of poems and short...