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book promotion

  1. Mikeyboy_esq

    Why Authors should be Public Speakers (and sell more books)

    Neverthought about BEING A SPEAKER until after I became an author. Now I’maveraging one speech a month and enjoy it immensely! Plus it’s a great way tosell books and interact with my readers. This article explains the howsand whys nicely...
  2. Mikeyboy_esq

    Great Article on Launching/Promoting a best-selling book!

    Wow...just found an EXCELLENT ARTICLE on ways to launch, promote, and market abest-selling book. WARNING: It is a bit long, but well worth the read! http://growthlab.com/how-to-self-publish-a-book-and-double-revenue/
  3. WriterJohnB

    Promotional sale - ...and Remember that I Am a Man.

    I'm offering the kindle version of my novel, "...and Remember that I Am a Man." for $.99 on Amazon Books Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's the true story of Moses Grandy, a slave from the Great Dismal Swamp area, who narrated his experiences in 1843. It's fictional history and I've tried to...