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book marketing

  1. Mikeyboy_esq

    My SALES RESULTS from 2020 (and earlier)

    CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS for my first 50 months as an author, and below are a few observations about last year's results: 1. 2020 was a mixed bag for my (nonfiction) book sales... April was a record low (21), but December was a record high (251). This compares to my overall monthly average of 78...
  2. Mikeyboy_esq

    CROSS-MARKETING with other authors!

    A great way to increase visibility of your book is to cross-market with other authors. Case in point: Last August, I joined forces with local author and radio host Sharon C. Jenkins to create a short perma-free book that includes one chapter out of my latest book and one chapter from her...
  3. Mikeyboy_esq

    Don't forget to USE VIDEOS to promote your books!

    Many authors (including me) often overlook the use of videos as part of their book promotion activities. For example, I frequently give speeches (15 to 20 per year) on topics related to my nonfiction books. But I’ll admit that I rarely take the time to record these talks and share them on social...
  4. Mikeyboy_esq

    another FREE marketing tip...

    PRO TIP 4 AUTHORS: One way to increase visibility of your book is to find and share positive reviews of your book. To that end, I recommend that authors periodically search the internet for your author name and book title on popular search engines like Google or Bing. To make this task easy, you...
  5. Mikeyboy_esq

    Say YES to more visibility!

    PRO TIP: One of the biggest struggles for many authors is getting your name in front of people. Visibility for you and your book is important for book sales. That brings me to my book marketing tip for today, which is to take opportunities that lead to more visibility whenever possible (e.g...
  6. Mikeyboy_esq

    Dear fellow authors, Get out there and SPEAK! :)

    If you write books (especially nonfiction), you should consider giving FREE speeches in your local area to increase visibility and sell books. Speaking engagements not only result in back of the room sales of print books, but also online sales and the opportunity to share your event to a wider...
  7. Mikeyboy_esq

    MARKETING TIP to Increase Visibility of Your Social Media Posts

    As most authors know, social media can be a cheap and effective tool (albeit time consuming) for purposes of promoting yourself and your books. One trick that I've found to increase visibility of my social media reach is to read books by other authors and post honest reviews on my social media...
  8. Mikeyboy_esq

    Creative Ideas for Book Give-aways

    PRO TIP: Most authors know that GIVING AWAY YOUR BOOK is a great tool for spreading the word about your book and encouraging readers to leave reviews. I encourage my fellow authors to get creative with their give-aways. For example, I celebrated my b-day this week by offering one free audiobook...
  9. Mikeyboy_esq

    Interesting Article about ROOKIE MARKETING MISTAKES by authors

    Interestingarticle about ROOKIE MARKETING MISTAKES made by 1st time authors. Not sure Iagree with all of these, but most seem valid. I certainly made my share oferrors with book #1, but tried to learn from them when marketing my followingbooks...
  10. Mikeyboy_esq

    Marketing Techniques differ for FREE eBooks?

    After publishing a few paid books, I just published my first permafree eBook called Maximize Your Book Sales With Data Analysis. I’m curious what differences there are in marketing a free eBook vs. a paid book. For example, I often use AMS ads for my paid books, but I can’t justify spending...
  11. Mikeyboy_esq


    ⏰According to this article, now is probably a good time to update your keywords to take advantage of this new strategy. https://www.thebookdesigner.com/2018/09/words-gone-wild-kdp-keywords-revisited/
  12. Mikeyboy_esq

    Finding Speaking Opportunites Related to Your Book

    If you are LOOKING FOR SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES related to your book, I highly recommend checking with your local colleges. I'm a volunteer instructor at a local community college as part of their ACADEMY FOR LIFELONG LEARNING program, which offers its members (age 50+) access to over 100 lectures...
  13. Mikeyboy_esq

    How and Why to Create an AUTHOR BUSINESS

    Creatingan AUTHOR BUSINESS is good for your brand and also has tax advantages. Here’s anarticle that explains how and why to set up a business in the U.S. for your bookcreation and marketing activities... https://nonfictionauthorsassociation.com/how-to-set-up-an-author-business-by-mike-kowis-esq/
  14. Mikeyboy_esq

    Great Article with Book Marketing Tips

    Here’s another great article about BOOK MARKETING TIPS... https://insights.bookbub.com/book-marketing-takeaways-bookexpo-2018/?utm_source=bookexpo-2018-takeaways&utm_medium=email
  15. Mikeyboy_esq

    My 1st FB Live appearance (my author interview)

    Last Thursday night, I appeared as a guest on another person's FB live event and I was interviewed about my latest book (a self-publishing guide). This was my first time to be in a FB live event, and I didn't know what to expect. The interview went well other than a minor sound glitch that I...
  16. Mikeyboy_esq

    Author Business Cards?

    I noticed most of the guest speakers at my local author group meetings have business cards to hand out for anyone interested. Today, I decided to order my own (author) business cards b/c I have started getting more speaking engagements on topics related to my nonfiction books. I'm hoping to...
  17. Mikeyboy_esq

    Proper Use of HASHTAGS by Authors

    Here's a good article regarding the use of hashtags on various social media. https://www.thebookdesigner.com/2017/09/3-ways-to-use-hashtags-as-authors/
  18. Mikeyboy_esq

    ***UPDATE*** Using Book Award Contests for Marketing

    UPDATE: When I published my first book in Oct. 2016, I entered it in 10 book award contests with the hope of winning at least one so I could advertise it as "award-winning." I did the same thing when I published my 2nd book in Feb. 2017, except that I limited that book to only 6 contests to...
  19. Mikeyboy_esq

    Which SOCIAL MEDIA provides the Biggest Responses when Promoting your Books?

    Which SOCIAL MEDIA platform (e.g., FB, LI, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) gives you the biggest number of responses when promoting your books? Also, what kind of books do you write (Fiction, Nonfiction, both)? I'll go first... I get the best results from LINKEDIN, and both of my books...
  20. Mikeyboy_esq

    Another Free Book Marketing Tip!

    Find out if your college or grad school has an ALUMNI MAGAZINE OR WEBSITE that includes a section for announcements. I discovered that my alma mater (Georgetown Law) has an alumni magazine, and they recently announced my debut book about college teaching tips in their Alumni Authors section...