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  1. Amnesiac

    Poisonous. [language, abuse]

    The first time it happened, I was eight years old. My mom was doing her hair in the bathroom. I ran in to tell her that there was a black widow on the wall in my bedroom. Before a word left my lips, I was met with a slap, then another, and that was followed by another, as she yelled at me for...
  2. M

    Like Blood in Water

    This is a little poem I did. Thank you for reading :razz: ​ Like Blood in Water I asked for my Dad's head he laid bones on the table instead. I ask my Mum why I float like blood in water she set the tide to a distant border. She taught me to jump to the rocks when the path is blocked. I...
  3. W


    Bloodline The Story Behind His Birth Long ago, deep within the ominous depth of darkness that eclipsed the mystic continent of ice, born was a tribe of unbelievably powerful and destructive men- the Karibu. In their bloodline runs an exceptional mastery of super-natural gifts which...
  4. T

    Two Drops Of Red

    All you’ll ever see is my shadow. All you’ll feel of me is a cold breeze. All you’ll hear of me is a whisper in the night. The barest scent of death is in the air. By the time you know I’m there, I’m gone. The only signs that I was ever there… A growing darkness, A spreading cold, And two drops...
  5. G


    This crimson staining my hand And streaking down my blade, Like the tears of a sad maiden, Tells the story of how life begins and ends. It starts with blood shed, During the miracle of birth. It is experienced with rusty patches, But it has its beauty as well. Like during that first kiss...
  6. Robert

    Struggling to Write

    I've been struggling to write exactly what I feel; the Muse works like that: She doesn't let me go until I struggle and wrench out my heart wringing the blood all over the page scratching the thick, red ink into words and phrases that truly mean something because of the struggle.