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  1. PiP

    Welcome to the WF Blog - Posting Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to the WritingForums Blog which is an outlet for free creative expression, a platform where you can spread your wings and talk about the things that interest you, share poetry, fiction, non-fiction, writing articles, publishing advice, book reviews etc. When you create a new blog post...
  2. Chad Lutzke

    Blogging: Weebly Vs. Wordpress Vs. Whatever Else

    A handful of months ago I started a blog to help build my author platform. My traffic has tripled in the past six weeks and seems to be steadily climbing since I started it in May; however, I'm wondering if somehow using something other than Weebly would be more helpful. Weebly is...
  3. columbo1977


    Hi All I have for a while been posting on my blog, but not constantly and the content is a bit random. I wanted to use the blogging platform to get me writing more frequently, and it is working on that premise, but I am constantly aware that no one reads the blog so I am not really putting in...
  4. MJCaan

    Blogging and getting noticed

    Are blogs still a good way to get the word out about your WIP? It seems everyone is writing a book. How do you get noticed?
  5. John Yeoman

    Is this the future for self-publishing?

    How can self-publishing authors get their work known and earn a significant income from it? Is it worth putting one's work up on Amazon, Lulu, Smashwords and the like? Is blogging the answer? Or could there be better ways? A new discussion paper at Writers' Village suggests two novel ways...
  6. S

    Steve C Thomas--Hello!

    Hi, I'm Steve. I'm a sixty-one (well... will be in another couple of weeks) writer, blogger, speaker, and a bunch of other stuff. I have one book about to be self pubbed, another one working on it, one story in the works, the outline for two others. I haven't really gotten into this much...