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  1. sigmadog

    My Vegas Diary

    The wife and I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. I really hate Las Vegas. If you would like to know how much I hate Vegas, it's all here in my blog. I link to it because it's a bit lengthy and not worth re-formatting for the forum. Also, it's kind of funny in places and I thought you...
  2. S

    Experimental Fiction Online

    Hello all. I'm new, so hi. I'm a big fan of experimental fiction - anything surreal, absurd or bizarre and I also likes stories that subvert accepted form, style and genre expectations. I have two questions in relations to this: 1. Does anyone know a good site to read experimental fiction...
  3. N

    I'm a NEWBIE!!

    Hello Everyone, My name is Davira Rayne. I have been writing as a hobby my whole life and just until recently I decided to pursue my passion further. I have started a blog in hopes of gaining feedback and honing my craft. I aspire to put out a range of novels in the future ranging from...
  4. B

    Social media standing

    I maintain two blogs. One on writing and another about fitness. I want to optimize these blog sites, and so, I use social media as part of my strategy. I have been using my one account in Twitter to create links to my blog sites. I am thinking of creating a whole new different account for...
  5. N

    Self-published author from Sweden.

    Hello everyone. I just found this forum and it looks like a nice place to be! My name is Nellie and I'm a self-published author from Sweden within the genre paranormal romance, fantasy and young adult. Writing has always been a part of my life. Today I own a publishing house and the 15th mars...
  6. Burns the Fire

    Hi-5 from Montreal

    Hi Everyone, Happy to be back on the forums with my writer peeps after being side-tracked for a while. I am a writer and indie filmmaker busting it out on the web. I love the immediacy, contact and form of a blog. Using photos to illustrate text is the cheapest filmmaking I know. Video is...
  7. L

    New to forums and blogging, reawakened writing skills

    Hi all, I'm here because I'm having a week of new things: I've never been a forum member before, so hello! Please be gentle... I've never blogged before, but have just set up a new page. It's all about my realisation that you can be a successful writer even if you're not a published...
  8. T

    A New, Young, Enthusiast

    Hello! Hastily written as I am quite tired and my bed seems extra warm today. I am of course like many an avid reader and also a writer when I can get the time and like with many things practice makes perfect. So, on that note, I have been setting up and posting regularly on my blog. All...
  9. DouglasMB


    Hello as hard as it might be to grasp due to my login/screen/forum name, my name is Douglas... I know I know it is porbably a suprise, I think it was to me to for the first few years of my like I thought my name was stoppit! Cut it out! and Don't eat that! But now Douglas suits me fine and the...
  10. C

    Hi, I'm new here, please be gentle :)

    Hi everyone, So I finally decided to sign up for a writing forum. I'm brand new here so I'm not really sure how these kinds of forums work yet, so I'll be having a look around over the next few days and hopefully joining in with some conversations and making new friends. Writing is something...
  11. theorphan

    Promoting your writing blog

    Does anyone have any tips on promoting their writing blog?
  12. driftglass

    Greetings from a tropical urbanite

    Hi all, I'm 19 and I live in Singapore. I've been writing since I was 10 years old, and I recently got started on drawing. I write fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, non fiction and postmodern fiction. My art portfolio An excerpt: "...Standard poses of the human anatomy—hands on...
  13. theusedfire5

    Looking for writers for a blog in development

  14. K

    Hello from London

    Hi there, I'm writing the first draft of a novel and hoping to swap notes with people doing the same thing! It's quite a lonely business so I thought it'd be nice to hear what others have to say about it, and how they're coping. I write a blog about the project, posting something every week...
  15. B

    Have I just written the world's longest readable palindrome?

    I know there are already palindromes that run to thousands of words, but these seem to be computer generated lists of words that do not make much sense and are quite unreadable. So I'm not counting those. Then there are human-generated palindromes. But some of these can also be awkward to read...
  16. C

    Recent MFA grad

    Recent MFA grad who is trying to write while finding work... It's tough as a writer and yet no matter how tough it gets, it's even harder convincing myself to give up~! Excited about joining the forum~ The Aging Dilemma