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  1. Tomkat

    Bible citation (no religious)

    Hello friends, I'd like to have your opinion about a bible citation in a short story: Setting (I'm being vague, no spoilers as I'd like to share the story in our workshop): Picture the classic lonely town in a Far West landscape. Gunfight, a kid finds shelter in the empty church. He opens the...
  2. D

    First Come the Goodbyes

    Soon our halleluiahs will roll like thunder; Gladly we will walk, no troubles in our talk; Now we’re stuck, just hushes and goodbyes, Too soon for eternity; on it we knock; Place of opportunity, land of little lies; Dreams of an Earth rapture into Heaven, Just a cupped peach on Joshua’s tree...
  3. GreenAvenue

    Sex in the New Bible!

    Well, I'm not sure if there is sex in the bible :book: and I'm not sure if there is a New Bible either. I just came to introduce myself haha. :-D So, I am a tiny bit over 40 (a tiny-bit I said!), am actually not a writer yet... I write articles for a number of magazines, have monthly and...