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beta readers

  1. Davi Franco

    Beta reader request for my 160k Contemporary Fantasy

    Hello, dear WF friends. I have finished the first book of a series I plan to do and it's the first book I'll publish, so I need feedback from readers before I send it to a professional editor. If anyone is interested, here you go: TITLE: When The Moon Rises GENRE: Contemporary...
  2. ehbowen

    Readers Wanted for "Guardian Angel", especially UK based

    Okay. After a week of posting dribs and drabs hit and miss in the Workshop, I'm ready to ask for beta readers for my completed novel manuscript, Guardian Angel (71K words). The story follows the eponymous angel who has been protecting "her boy" since he was conceived thirty-plus years ago and...
  3. Princesisto

    Seeking Beta Readers For 5,000 Word Short Story

    Title: My Holiday In Guatemala Genre: Speculative Fiction (Near Future) Word Count: 5,000 Blurb: In the year 2025, a wannabe child pop star returns to her adopted home of Guatemala for one day but gets caught up in a coup d'etat and learns why she really needs to become a star. It is funny, it...
  4. Mikeyboy_esq

    Good article on the use of BETA READERS!

    Here’s a good article on Beta Readers...
  5. Anita M Shaw

    Marooned on Planet EARTH - Book One - Devynn's Dilemma - Beta Readers Request

    TITLE: Marooned on Planet EARTH – Book One – Devynn’s Dilemma GENRE: Young Adult Contemporary WORD COUNT: 135K BLURB: The world of 14-year-old Devynn X’Laena Irvette Scoville has fallen apart. Her dad has left the family after a heated argument with her mother. And he’s taken his favorite...
  6. Dave Watson

    Adonias Low - Betas required

    TITLE - Adonias Low / The Low Man GENRE - Western / Horror (see other info) WORD COUNT - 103k BLURB - Murder. Robbery. Kidnapping. Incest. Welcome to Napa Valley, California, 1891 . To lawmen and bad men alike, The Low Man is a ghost story. The most feared bounty hunter to ever walk...