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  1. lumino

    Disdain for Beautiful Writing

    Disdain for Beautiful Prose It seems that today many disdain prose with a style that makes you attend to it, discouraging those who would write that way from doing so, and urging them to use the plainest words that they can. I, on the other hand, though I have striven to avoid writing that way...
  2. A

    autumn leaves

    ` There is a quiet pride and joy in being an autumn leaf -- they get to change their hues then off they go in flight to form a beautiful landscape and help fertilise tomorrow's trees then once again come autumn time unfurl their wings unto the breeze...
  3. A

    Life as a Garden

  4. M

    Such beauty

    When photos show a fleeting glance A different beauty is oft revealed When rain yields nature’s hidden scents Distant memories are then recalled And so it was when he looked at her Her hair for a second dishevelled across her face That image burned into his deepest soul So beautiful...