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  1. Xx_thejoker_xX

    Hey People

    Hey! My name is Hysteria. I am a huge Joker fan so I've been trying to find other Joker fans. Anyway! My pronouns are He-They. And other than the Joker I love true crime, writing, and drawing. I hope to meet some friends!
  2. C

    Reader, Writer and undeniably obsessed with fanfic

    Hey all! I'm Caiyah. As stated above, I love reading (non-fic, fic and fan-fic) and write when my Muse inspires me. I also do an online RPG called Dark Cove (supernatural-based). I sought out a writers forum for help with a Batman fanfic I'm currently working on(Riddler centric).I have a...
  3. Scarlett_156

    Very cool! (if you like comics; article from

    I was doing some reading on the site and saw this: Here is the article: Review: Talking With Gods Bows Down to Comics Immortal Grant Morrison | Underwire | Wow, pretty cool! A movie about Grant Morrison! :)