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  1. aj47


    So we begin to practice all our drills, Preparing minds and bodies to play ball. Refining and remastering our skills, In hopes that we’ll be champions, come fall. No time like now to get things underway. Good fortune favors those whose hearts are sure. The will, it’s said, will always find a...
  2. aj47

    Oil of Olé!

    The ball came off the bat and bounced toward the right side and to the left of Manny Rios at second. He tried to stop it, but knew it wasn't going to happen. The top of the second inning, and the first time a ball had been hit anywhere near his position. The runner on first base was able to make...
  3. aj47

    "Annie" is baseball slang for a female fan

    Hi, I'm astroannie. Fan of the Astros even in their darkest days. I write poetry about baseball mostly, but other things sometimes. One of my poems was published in the most recent issue of Spitball magazine, the only consistent market for baseball poetry. I've written a few short stories as...