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  1. Abbeyelliewrites

    I want suggestions.

    I have a character who has pretty much every power in the world, and he is explaining how he got his powers. I want a very sad backstory, does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you-Abbey
  2. D

    I want to sum up a characters backstory as much as I can because as of now it takes a full chapter to explain it.

    Unlike the other characters, I can't really communicate this aspect of his past with 1 or 2 flashback scenes that let you fill in the blanks, but it also doesn't make sense for the character to explain it all to anyone. But as of now it's very time consuming, with 2 whole chapters alternating...
  3. SerenataImmortale

    Best way of handling long back story?

    The sci-fi/fantasy story I'm working on has roughly 30 years of various events that lead up to the actual story. The only problem is, I'm having some trouble finding a good way to introduce this backstory, given that: - It is necessary to understand the basic premise of the "present day" story...