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  1. Amnesiac

    Hello, September!

    Hellooooo, September! We've been waiting for you! This is the off-ramp from the heat, the time that summer punches her pillow and nestles down to fall asleep for the year... This is the time that week by week, the sunlight mellows and falls more sweetly across the land, the sky turns to a...
  2. P

    Her Cabin in the Fall

    Inevitably tainted blue skies Of bright cold afternoons In that sunny old farm of hers ; Autumn was here Trees of many colors And vastly laid lands Of enormous demands As I sat and watched goodness Her cabin a shabby old thing Of two rooms and a few closets And herself running about The duties...
  3. C


    It is the last day of summer in Northern Michigan. Red was the theme of the day. The fall colors should be at their peak in about 10-14 days. I can't wait. I love Autumn. ~Dave
  4. A

    autumn leaves

    ` There is a quiet pride and joy in being an autumn leaf -- they get to change their hues then off they go in flight to form a beautiful landscape and help fertilise tomorrow's trees then once again come autumn time unfurl their wings unto the breeze...
  5. M


    Autumn creeps away crows perch in a leafless oak shortening days loom Commenting on various posts to my other Haiku poems, I follow the convention of seventeen syllables with three lines carrying seven, five and seven syllables respectively. On this site there does seem to be other views...