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  1. W

    Psychological horror/thriller (but not super horror-y) but feel good at the same time?

    Is this possible? I’m trying to write a story about a little girl who‘s trapped in a creepy place, filled with creepy people (so like a metaphor for the female life 😂, it’s fantasy though, the creepy peeps are more creepy creatures) and it’s kind of connected to the human mind, and also dreams...
  2. W

    WF Author Interview: Ken Barrett

    Our next author in the spotlight is Ken Barrett or better known in the WritingForum community as Indian Roads. Ken Barrett grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked as a Design Engineer for over thirty years in Silicon Valley. He is a lifelong biker (motorcyclist), and an accomplished...
  3. G

    A Religious Satirist ..

    I have written few films recently, I’m now committing a suicide I’m messing with the ‘R’ word, Oh God, bless me! Six major religions I plan to focus on: Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon and sigma. Beta guys hate the delta ones, Epsilon members loathe Alpha. Gamma is against Sigma...
  4. TKent

    Guest Interview: Berndadette Geyer

    WF is excited to bring you an in-depth interview with American poet and freelance writer, Bernadette Geyer. Her full-length poetry collection, The Scabbard of Her Throat, was selected by Cornelius Eady as the 2013 Hilary Tham Capital Collection title, published by The Word Works in early 2013...
  5. MJCaan

    What category for Superhero novel?

    I just finished my first novel, and it is now available on Amazon. It's a superhero novel, a genre I think is under served, but I can't decide what category it belongs in. It's more adult oriented, and since it's a novel I didn't want to place it in the comics section. Any ideas? Thanks, MJ
  6. MJCaan

    What's your favorite Superhero Novel

    Have you read many Superhero novels? The majority of the ones I've read are based off of graphic novels, or are generic DC/ Marvel stand alones. One notable exception is Wonder Woman, by John Byrne, which is an actual novel. Thanks, MJ
  7. N

    Self-published author from Sweden.

    Hello everyone. I just found this forum and it looks like a nice place to be! My name is Nellie and I'm a self-published author from Sweden within the genre paranormal romance, fantasy and young adult. Writing has always been a part of my life. Today I own a publishing house and the 15th mars...
  8. M

    Im looking for someone who likes to edit books

    I have a book, I want someone to review and edit it.. trying my luck here.. let me know if im barking up the wrong tree.. thanks.. MC
  9. M

    Hey, I'm new.

    Hello everyone, my name is Maitreyee but everyone calls me Mattie. I have joined this forum to get advice about writing novels and improving my writing. I've loved reading since I was a child and I've always wanted to write professionally. I remember writing my first little book in second grade...
  10. M

    Time for expression :)

    Hey guys! I'm a writer and an aspiring author(currently 300 pages into my novel). I thought it'd be cool to join this website as writing is a way for me to express my bottled emotions. Hopefully I'll learn lots from you guys, and you guys from me :) Best of luck with all of your writing...
  11. MJCaan

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is M.J. Caan and, like many here, I am venturing into the world of writing for the first time. Well, I shouldn't say the first time...I've always written, but just as a hobby. Now I'm seeing what I can do if I really want to concentrate at it and have a go at my first novel. I started...
  12. R

    corban cash

    Hello all I am new to the forum...I'm composing a novel that I have come to call "Untitled Ellipsis" ...it is a story that will combind all other fictions I have come across and will put those silly books like harry potter and twilight to shame ... The two main characters are two young boys...
  13. G

    HI, I'm Gertrude!!

    Hey, I’m Gertrude. So, basically I’m a high school student. I have always had a passion for books, and words. There are a lot of different Authors who I love, who have inspired me with here works, and ability to just turn words into such power, and beautiful phrases. The last couple of months...
  14. D

    Weeeeee, High Fives All Around!

    For some reason I had the idea that this section was like running through a line of people giving high fives. My Name is Dan, I am in Vancouver Canada and I enjoy lots of things. I am very lucky where i live, I can come home after work, hike a mountain, walk to a secluded cove, take a ferry...
  15. Damian_Rucci

    So I'm back

    I used to be a fairly active member on the WF however, life came in the way so I stopped. I'm back though, so I figured I'd like to introduce myself to those who don't already know. My names Damian, I'm a writer and musician from a small town in New Jersey. I blog on the Gray Pen which is a...