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  1. D

    What is accepted and what is not accepted in an article or essay?

    Hi, I've been reading a lot of articles and essays on internet, most of them humorous. And I can't distinguishing what I'm able to write on an article and what not, because I've been reading articles that relates a short story, articles that exposed a fictional opinion about a subject. What...
  2. A

    Online Writing Help

    I’m writing to anyone that can help me out from their own experience with online writing, or anyone who has dealt with a difficult editor (or in my case a slew of them). You see, I had my hours slashed at my office job a few months back. To make up the difference, I thought it would be a...
  3. S

    An Upholsterer from Oregon

    Hi, My name is Stephen. I'm married and have two children, an 18 year old daughter and a twelve year old son. We live in Oregon. I'm also an upholsterer. I've never written a book, but I do a fair amount writing in my journal, writing articles about upholstery related topics for my websites...
  4. Robert


    :D I have been looking for a forum in which to share thoughts and ideas with others of a similar mind. I have been writing poetry, articles, and short stories for many years. Some of them have been published. I recently published my first novelette and have seen a few sold, as well as being...