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  1. Justin Attas

    If You Could Pick One Topic to Get Direct Help With, in a Video or Article...

    What would you pick? I spend my weeks making writing help videos and writing articles to help others who are where I've been. I usually just peruse the forum to see what people are struggling with and take an educated stab in the dark. But I decided to try out a more "ask and you shall receive"...
  2. N

    PMSing and Messing.

    Women have their emotions all over the place. They have to look after themselves, pay the bills, balance their career with their personal lives, their families, their babies, the big babies they married, the pet's babies and this is only a fraction of those things. A whole another level of...
  3. bazz cargo

    Writing ; Nuts And Bolts. Article 1.

    Before you read this article, I would strongly recommend reading a story by Bilston Blue. p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { } I will wait until you have done so. Dum...
  4. F

    Hi to all!

    Just wanted to step in here and say hello. I came here to offer my help while gaining more knowledge from those seasoned writers. I've written two e-books. One book is how to change your mindset towards success. My second book is a workbook for new writers including blog and article writing...