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  1. Modern Alchemist….

    Modern Alchemist….

    The Alchemists tell us to "make two into one".... "Make the outside like unto the in".... That "all is Water".... They speak of Dissolution and Separation.... Purification, in a Furnace.... Fulcalnelli, in Cabala, is a Vulcan reference. The author gave us many insights, and in my...
  2. Amnesiac

    Three Sunflowers

    Acrylic on board canvas. 12x16"
  3. H

    Within the Woodshed

    Wind cuts, tree falls, life re-imagined, Knife to wood, shaving layers from time. Steel edge beneath this surface, sharper images emerge. Spoon feeding soul’s goodness, chips falling through space. rendering emerges, past tense erased from under dead fall, brown trout eyes hellgrammite.
  4. M

    The Taxidermy of Eric Herschberg (Short Story)

    Hello everyone, this is a short story I have been working on for the past month. I understand it is a long read (just over 7000 words), so I completely get that people wouldn't want to read such a long 'short' story. I could have broke it up into chunks for people to read but I felt the story...
  5. ireneintheworld

    Recent Captures and old faves

    This is a close-up of my friend's new wood-burning stove
  6. ArtBlinked

    Digital Paintings

    To celebrate my 10 posts I'm going to make a thread showing off my art! :D It's kind of old at this point since I seem to only capable of either painting or writing but never both at once. I did free commissions for other people's oc's just for fun on another website. It lasted several...
  7. kbsmith

    Undertaker kkills another guitar. [CAUGHT ON TAPE]

    I tried to curse my guitar on Halloween with candvlewax by reviving Jimi Hendrix from the dead to live in it. Three weeks later, It creeped me out so I smashed it: near the end, snapped the neck over my knee. You can view the video her nonviral. You can hear the song by her several.
  8. J

    Hello forum!

    My name is Joe J. Calkins and I am an illustrator and cover designer from Portland, Oregon. I'm here to check out other peoples' visual arts and eventually offer services of my own to members. I look forward to getting to know the writing forums community! Joe J. Calkins Cerberus Art
  9. F

    The Meaning

    Staring at the painting he wonders if there is any meaning. The blackened canvas holds a single line of light that barely arches across the frame. Beginning around the middle of the frame the line creeps out from the black background to a brilliant white division in the darkness. Then it fades...
  10. A

    Galatean Resumé

    . CV no longer required. .
  11. michaelcthompson

    The Voyeur - science fiction, inspired by David Bowie's "1. Outside"

    WARNING: CONTAINS OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE AND SCENES OF EXTREME VIOLENCE. COPYRIGHT 2011 MICHAEL C. THOMPSON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I The Voyeur. The same thing, playing over and over again on the media networks. Prince James von Sanderberg, a beastiophile, the videos - censored, of course...