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  1. E


    “It’s beautiful,” Liam said. “What is?” Nathan asked. “The stars. So many of them we haven’t counted them all… and we never will. It’s fitting, I think. People’s greatest efforts’ll be worth less than a plug nickel.” “You’re right,” Nathan said. “Good ol’ Arabici will wipe us out, leaving...
  2. N

    The Underwear Apocalypse

    I am actually laughing even before I have started writing this. How on Earth did I land upon such a name: The Underwear Apocalypse? It's actually a pretty funny story. Yeah, so I and my roommate were sitting and talking about how the clothing of women has revolutionized with generations. We...
  3. D

    Eternal darkness

    I witnessed the birth of Destruction The moon tied in orbit to its ember Earth, Once cold oceans, dry with fire, Black continents charred by heat The red sun Filled up the skies And chased The moon Too close To the stratosphere Fires of Earth Heated by its breeze And only a myth were...
  4. C

    Apocalypse prologue-Chapter 3 (young adult)

    Hello fellow writers, I posted the first chapter a while back in the young adult section, but I think it should be here since it's sci-fi/fantasy. It's lengthy (three full chapters) so I hope that I catch your attention enough to read it. I appreciate any feedback, but I know these are the...
  5. Tastingashes

    Shift (Apocalyptic Horror)

    This is a piece I have been working on since May of this year. Any and all comments or criticisms welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider. -Nathan Prologue (Didn't you hear me tapping...?) It's dark and quiet in the hallways of Columbus University, the kind of hollow...
  6. BluntAshwater

    Bait (working title) Chapter 1

    This is my first post on here, it's the first chapter of the novel I'm currently working on. It's a second draft, although it's still nowhere near as polished as I would like it to be. All constructive criticism appreciated and I shall return the favour :) Dante sprinted down the...