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  1. moderan

    Test Patterns Open Subs

    The Test Patterns anthology is having open submissions for one month, from September 1 through October 1, 2017. The concept is literary speculative fictions patterned on the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Night Gallery, et al. Submissions should be in standard manuscript format [Standard ms...
  2. Galen

    Smashwords Forum 2015 Anthology Seeking Submissions

    Smashwords Forum is seeking short stories or chapters for it's first anthology. Submission due date: - August 1, 2015 Format: Submit in Word doc format, standard formatting, Times Roman 12 pt, Flush left Word Count: 7,000 or less Submit to: Ria.ston[email protected] anticipate to submission...
  3. Galen

    Smashwords Forum Seeking Submissions for 2015 Anthology

    SWF's goal is to produce an anthology (eBook) that represents the diversity and talent of our members. Participants in the anthology will use the anthology as a marketing tool. At this time, the anthology will be free. Send submissions to Ria Stone at [email protected] Format: Short...
  4. J

    Local Gems Poetry Press

    For all those interested--Local Gems Poetry Press has a new and improved website. Local Gems Poetry Press - Home For poets out there--they normally have anthologies open and they are known for having poetry books on all different themes. Right now they have an anthology open on Retail. :)
  5. J

    James P. Wagner (Ishwa) Poet, Editor, Performer

    Hey there. I've been a part of this forum for a long time, but most of my old posts got erased since I haven't been active in a few years. Anyway, never got a chance to introduce myself. I'm James P. Wagner, known in the poetry community as Ishwa. I'm a performance poet and an editor out here...
  6. LadyT

    standard non-compete clause in an anthology contract?

    Please let me know if this topic belongs somewhere else. Here's the situation: I wrote two stories for a dear friend of mine who is putting together anthologies. She had an arrangement with a small publisher who agreed to pay the authors for their work. The publisher backed out after most of...
  7. TWErvin2

    Dark Places: A Gryphonwood Anthology (free through Octiber 31st)!

    WF Folks, My publisher has released a free ebook version of Dark Places: A Gryphonwood Anthology through smashwords.com (through October 31st--sale ends that day depending on your location, get it early). Here is the link: Dark Places at Smashwords The 100% off coupon code is: AD94N (It is...