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  1. Justin Attas

    KDP Select Question for Those Experienced

    Hey all! Quick question about the Amazon KDP Select program. If you agree to it and you decide you want to print copies of your book, are you obligated to use CreateSpace (Amazon's direct print) because of Select exclusivity? I originally turned down Select for this reason and because I wanted...
  2. Mikeyboy_esq

    CURRENT RULES for getting Amazon Book Reviews

    FYI: Here’s a good article explaining theCURRENT RULES on getting Amazon Book Reviews...
  3. Mikeyboy_esq

    Results of my 2017 Amazon Ads

    In case my fellow indie authors are curious how well AMSads perform, below are the results of the ads I bought for my 2 nonfictionbooks in 2017. Of the 733 total books that I sold last year, about 1/3rd of them came from AMSads (Sponsored Products). AMS ads for my 1st book (about college...
  4. Raevenlord

    KDP - Kindle Direct Publishing on Paperback and E-Book

    Hey, guys. This has probably been touched upon already, and I did do a quick search, but couldn't find any thread directly relating to this. An e-mail just hit my inbox regarding Kindle Direct Publishing. You can find the bulk of what this means and what they offer here. I had already looked...
  5. C

    Another Sunrise

    Some of you know me as ClosetWriter, but my real name is Dave Rider. The last seven years of my life have been consumed by cancer. My father's terminal cancer was the start of this emotional journey. We lost him December of 2009. My wife's only sister died from cancer in 2010; the same time that...
  6. MJCaan

    Issue with Amazon KDP

    Has anyone else found that the categories listed in the Kindle bookstore do not match the categories available to enter your book in KDP? I can't seem to find the superhero category in KDP, which is where my novel belongs. I've tried customer support, but in all honesty, they are either not...
  7. N

    Fellow Writers: Amazon Deleted 81 Reviews for my Book - No Warning.

    I began as a self published writer. My first book, "American Apocalypse I" was self published. It was bought by Ulysses Press, they used a new editor, redid the cover, and released it again as "American Apocalypse: The Collapse Begins." As of yesterday there were 107 reviews and a four star...