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  1. MJ Preston


    W.F. advice for new and aspiring writers: Write what you know! That's easy for someone who actually writes about the things they do. For someone who writes about native monsters, mind controlling insect aliens or serial killers, that can be a daunting task. I mean, I could do these things...
  2. A

    Amythest chapter 1

    Here's the first chapter of a novel I'm working on. I started it awhile back but only got 5 chapters in before I went back to poetry. I reread it all tonight and thought it was pretty interesting. Anyways here's first chapter. It's about alien protectors called keepers who initiate they're...
  3. G

    Sci-Fi War Story!

    Hello everyone! This is my first real attempt at writing, so please take into account that the most I have written before this is an essay or two. Background: Somehow (still working on it) aliens have landed. They are purple blooded, Predator-sounding Humanoids. They have set up a base...
  4. Raptor980

    The U.S.S. Admiral

    One of many stories I'm working on. I need some critique. The U.S.S. Admiral “Captain, we’ve got rather strange activity forty fathoms down,” The young seaman told his captain wearily. “You sure?The captain examined the Sonar screen carefully, “They are giving the standard U.S. signal. It’s...
  5. R

    My Book Intro

    Intro to my book Basically I'm trying to write a book that's not "just more goddamned sci fi." My focus is going to be on the efforts of the protagonists to force government disclosure. I had an idea to use a journal as a framing device which gave me a fairly interesting idea. My idea is to...