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  1. Modern Alchemist….

    Modern Alchemist….

    The Alchemists tell us to "make two into one".... "Make the outside like unto the in".... That "all is Water".... They speak of Dissolution and Separation.... Purification, in a Furnace.... Fulcalnelli, in Cabala, is a Vulcan reference. The author gave us many insights, and in my...
  2. WillWorks

    The Alchemy Sagas: Bloodines-Prologue(Language)

    Here is the Prologue to my newest novel. Back Story: Kaz Carmine is a trouble teen, his parents were murdered when he was very young, by a force that he must learn, Alchemy. Throughout the Carmine family, Alchemy is an Art and a Science, it's the family's job to protect the secrets until the...