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  1. R

    Advice sought regarding potential agents (and how to deal with them)

    Hi people, finally found a seemingly friendly place to chat about publishing and all that it entails. If I’m in the wrong category, please feel free to guide me to the right one. Background: I’m in the process of finalizing my third novel (my previous two were published in my native country...
  2. ehbowen

    Recommended Sources of Information About Agents?

    I'm ready to get serious about finding representation for my novel. Yes, I've found many of the directories on line...some free, many not. I don't object to paying a reasonable fee for information...but I'd like to only do it once. And rather than take the shotgun approach, I'd like to find an...
  3. Q

    Where to find publishers and agents who deal with Erotica?

    Are there publishers and agents who specialize in this? I get the feeling that erotica is no longer a fringe interest among readers. I’m working on a collection of short stories in the genre..definitely not lowbrow / sleaze, and looking for a good publisher, perhaps agent first. Any suggestions...
  4. Goob

    Agents for screenwriters?

    What are some of the most effective ways to get a screenwriting agent? It seems they work on a referral system and won't accept a client until they've already sold a script. So basically, you can't get an agent unless you're in the industry, and you can't get in the industry unless you have an...
  5. Frankyette

    Rejection Letter! :D (Aka: Call for People Who Write Queries)

    I'm in the throes of trying to get a book published (I've submitted to about ten agents so far), and today I got the first personalized rejection from Emily Smith at A Plus B Works: Dear Hannah, Thank you for submittingEssie's Eleven, but unfortunately we cannot offer representation at this...
  6. H

    an offer of representation based on a partial - what should I think?

    Hello, I am a new author in search of representation and I have a rather urgent question: Recently, I shot an email informing all the agents who had my full or partial manuscript about the status of my full manuscript submissions (I had quite a few out), and also to let them know about my...
  7. debideb

    Good day everyone

    Hello all, I wanted to introduce myself. Of course my name is Deborah Rosello...Debi for all of my new friends (you). I am a 38 year old mother of three and wife to the absolutely perfect man for me. Since high school, my interest in writing was discovered when Journalism quickly became my...