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  1. Chris Stevenson

    Nabbing and Keeping an Agent

    Get ready to submit to an agent when you have a completed, polished manuscript, an intro query letter, a full synopsis, a little bio paragraph, credit list, some social media links and maybe a brief marketing plan. I just found out about a year ago that series really DO sell. I didn't...
  2. A

    What to do to put your play in the theater?

    Hi, wanted to ask if here anyone, whose plays were staged in the theater and how he (she) achieved this. Does a playwright (as a writer and screenwriter) need a literary agent? Can I just send it by mail? PDF or Doc? If you send a play to a theater in another country (for example, you are an...
  3. Goob

    Agents for screenwriters?

    What are some of the most effective ways to get a screenwriting agent? It seems they work on a referral system and won't accept a client until they've already sold a script. So basically, you can't get an agent unless you're in the industry, and you can't get in the industry unless you have an...
  4. Bakslashjack

    Woot! 50k manuscript and letter finished, querying agent. Advice?

    Cupcakes for everyone, I've finished my first book! Already found the vanity subsidiary publishers and decided they're a waste of time. What can I expect with my hunt for a proper agent? Should I shotgun letters? Will they be able to get my book on the shelves at a bookstore?
  5. S

    Looking for Advice

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and I am new to the writing world. I have written my whole life, but never professionally. I just wrote a book and am working on a second. The first book is about my life. I wrote a book proposal that I want to send to agents to try to get a contract. If there...
  6. John Yeoman

    How (not) to obtain a literary agent

    How do you get the interest of a literary agent? You've suffered 47 rejection slips plus 99 submissions that were not even acknowledged. (You've discovered that agents don't really read your stuff. They just solicit submissions to soak off the stamps.) Please turn off your computer before...
  7. P

    Need editor

    I am a new author. My first book has been well received by a good literary agent who has requested that I have the book edited by a professional editor. They do not have one to recommend. Does anybody know of an inexpensive god editor? Not a proof reader but a line editor?